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Legal issues for Bird Pests -Seagulls and birds are protected by law and once they nest they cannot be touched or removed. The good news is that once they have finished nesting. We can supply & install bird spikes, bird netting and Bird wires to prevent them from nesting next year. We can typically install bird spikes, netting, bird wires on hip and ridge tiles, also cages on chimney's that cover chimney's & chimney pots to prevent Seagulls nesting on your roof again. 

Not a fan of Bird spikes? 

The great news is there are plenty of other alternatives to the most commonly used "Bird Spikes" that you see on the ridges and flat roofs of most house. Bird Wire is a very discreet means of preventing birds from resting on Ridges, flat roofs, dormer roofs and most pitched roofs. We can fit bird wire systems directly on to hip and ridge tiles on most roofs of houses, restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings. We can also fit bird netting to houses, restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings that completely prevents birds from resting, perching and nesting on your roof tops. We can also discreetly place ultrasonic sound repellers that are not audible to the human ear and are also safe for household pets etc.


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